Fig. 1                        Materials  (approximate costs)

1.   material for bag of net -- nylon "tulle" ($.77 a yard  Wal-Mart)
      or mosquiteo netting  ($5 a  yard x 54 in  hunting/sporting goods store)
2.   hoop -- 9 guage steel wire -- ($4.50 for 50 feet    lumber yard Lowe's)
3.   handle -- wood or plastic 4 to 6 feet -- ($2 lumber yard  McCoy's)
4.   glue sticks for "sewing"   (Hot super glue sticks - Sears  $5 bag)
5.    masking tape
6.   wire cutters    pliers     scissors       yard/meter stick
      hot glue gun       surface that glue won't ruin (piece of old plywood/plastic)   
Constructing a Butterfly Net in Class                          page1
  Victoria Christian School                         8th Grade Technology 2 class                     Victoria, Texas 77901                           7th-8th  Technology 1 class
Fig. 2  Determine a diameter for net

54 inch wide material will allow for a net with a diamter of about 17. 2 inches
with a 54 inch circumference.  We use nets with diamters from 12 inches
to 17 1/4 inches.  A net with a four foot handle and 12 inch diamter is
easy to handle and can fit in the trunk of most cars.
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