Constructing a Butterfly Net in Class         Page 2

Fig 3. Left      Sleeve for wire hoop

We made a sleeve of about 1 1/2 inches for the wire of the hoop ...
We folded the fabric over and tacked with masking tape....
Then used the glue gun to tack the netting in place about every
six inches ...  removed the tape and applied enough of the "super
hot glue" to penetrate both layers ... lifting often so as not to
permanently stick to the "throw away" plywood we were using.

Fig 4.  left      Determine shape for the pocket or purse of the net

We placed a rope over two pins on front board ...
  The distance between the pins was the diameter of the hoop ...
   in this case 17 1/8 inches.
We let the rope hang down the distance that we had decided for
  the length of the pocket ...  36 inches in this case.
We marked the outline of this parabola and used this our template
   for the shape of the pocket ...
We folded the material over so that the two open ends of the sleeve
   for the wire were together ...
Following our template, we tacked the netting material with the
  glue gun about every six inches as above ... lifting often.
And then applied enough hot glue to penetrate thru both layers.

Fig 5.  left
Fig 6.  left below      Cutting excess material away

After allowing hot glue to dry (still lifting several times to
   be sure it isn't sticking to plywood ... a screw driver or a dull
   table knife can be used to pry material from the plywood if it does
   stick) then we cut  away the outside of the pocket material.

This then completes the pocket or purse part of the net.

caution ... these procedures require use of hot glue gun ...
  practice the steps carefully before some important is
  permanently attached to something else!

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